Who is the Best Luxury Real Estate Auction Company for You?

  • Just as I wrote about last year, downsizing continues to be the dominant trend in our business of luxury home auctions.  My upcoming auction event is for an 18,000 +-  square foot home.  My sellers, just like many others, are simply done with the upkeep and the huge amount of energy and money required to continue maintaining their property.  They have had the home listed for an extended period of time with no results and are simply ready to move on with their life.  I have heard recently more th
  • Many of you luxury home sellers out there who may be auction candidates may also be a good candidate to sell your rare coin and/or gold collection. Or, you may be thinking about using the proceeds of your home sale to diversify by buying either physical gold bullion, coins or even the two within an IRA. Either way, it's so something you may want to consider.  Remember the last financial crisis?  Were you hedged or were you caught off guard?  Who knows if, or when the next financial crisis will
  • Well, looks like it's that time of year again for the luxury home auction selling season.  Remember that it typically takes at least 60 days to promote an auction event so we are now booking June, July and August sales. In particular, waterfront homes are very active.  That and downsizing.  The past several auctions I have participated in were for folks who were simply downsizing.  The children and grandchildren were not utilizing as before with the owners just living in or or two rooms of the
  • It's been a while since I wrote about the topic of the bogus "absolute" or "selling without reserve" auction as it relates to luxury home auctions.  Let's pick up the topic again today as it seems to me that the bait and switch is being used today more than ever, in particular by one firm who on the surface appears to be legitimate. So, why should this concern you as an agent or as a private seller considering a non-distressed luxury real estate auction?  Because it opens the door for litigatio
  • So you've heard all about how a non-distressed luxury home auction may be a good fit for you or your client. You or your client meets all of the criteria I often discuss (non-distressed, may be downsizing, probably has experienced a lengthy listing).  But how good of a candidate are you or are you and your seller really? It all comes down to how realistic one is regarding the true value of their luxury home they are considering auctioning.  The reason that something is not selling almost always

So you or your client is considering a luxury home auction?

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