Who is the Best Luxury Real Estate Auction Company for You?

  • Well, looks like it's that time of year again for the luxury home auction selling season.  Remember that it typically takes at least 60 days to promote an auction event so we are now booking June, July and August sales. In particular, waterfront homes are very active.  That and downsizing.  The past several auctions I have participated in were for folks who were simply downsizing.  The children and grandchildren were not utilizing as before with the owners just living in or or two rooms of the
  • It's been a while since I wrote about the topic of the bogus "absolute" or "selling without reserve" auction as it relates to luxury home auctions.  Let's pick up the topic again today as it seems to me that the bait and switch is being used today more than ever, in particular by one firm who on the surface appears to be legitimate. So, why should this concern you as an agent or as a private seller considering a non-distressed luxury real estate auction?  Because it opens the door for litigatio
  • So you've heard all about how a non-distressed luxury home auction may be a good fit for you or your client. You or your client meets all of the criteria I often discuss (non-distressed, may be downsizing, probably has experienced a lengthy listing).  But how good of a candidate are you or are you and your seller really? It all comes down to how realistic one is regarding the true value of their luxury home they are considering auctioning.  The reason that something is not selling almost always
  • Well, here we are, in the heart of the season for non-distressed high-end luxury home auctions.  I just wrapped up a successful waterfront event last week and have two more waterfront events coming up in the next few weeks. So why is this time of year so popular for our business?  It is because sellers are emerging from a dormant winter sales season and are trying something different.  You know the old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting differ
  • I am currently involved in three luxury home auctions whose sellers' situations are exactly the same.  In addition to being non-distressed and not having to sell, they are all downsizing. As a matter of fact, the past several high end home auctions I have been a part of were downsizing.  Why is this? Back in the day, the mcmansion was all the rage.  However, these are different times and downsizing is currently all the rage.  Every seller I work with tells me how stressful, both physically and

So you or your client is considering a luxury home auction?

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