When asked to share our words of recommendation, we were very happy to do so. Our home had been on the market for an extended period of time with no offers and very few showings. Our goal was to downsize, scale down and enjoy life.
Through your program, we were able to accelerate the process. Although it was a post auction sale, you were able to generate a buyer that reached our reserve of $3.2 million. Target's marketing materials were fantastic and the response was overwhelming with over 50 tours, from 7 states within a two week period.
We wish your firm the very best. If anyone needs to contact me regarding your services, feel free to do so.


Gary Gilbert is your expert advisor for those considering a non-distressed, luxury real estate auction.

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Advisor to Private Sellers
Gary Gilbert works with affluent, private sellers like you nationwide who are considering an ethical luxury property auction as an alternative to the traditional method of sale. You are likely non-distressed, have experienced a long listing with no results and are simply downsizing your life or there may be health issues. How long has your luxury property been listed? How many so-called offers have fallen through? Take control of the sales process and contact Gary.
Advisor to Luxury Real Estate Agents and Brokers
I work closely with high end agents and brokers nationwide by referring to them higher-end listings for sellers who I feel are not currently good auction candidates. In addition, we create the opportunity for agents to earn a fee for referring to me sellers of high end property who may be a good candidate for a premier property auction.When was the last time you had a cash, contingency free closing in 30 days? Contact Gary today.
Represents Buyers Interested in Purchasing
Gary Gilbert provides expert bidder representation services to those interested in purchasing premier properties sold at auction nationwide. Don't overpay for that dream property and get caught up in the auction day excitement. Instead, let me negotiate your best deal possible. I have been in the business for over 15 years and am happy to share my experience with you.