Luxury Real Estate Agent Referrals
Written by Gary Gilbert   

Luxury Real Estate Agent Referrals and Broker Alliances




I work closely with our fellow professionals in the brokerage community nationwide by:


Referring higher-end listings to agents for sellers who we feel are not currently good auction candidates.


Creating the opportunity for agents to earn a fee for referring to us sellers of high end property who are good candidates for an auction. 


An ideal client and good candidate would be someone who is likely not financially distressed.  Your seller probably does not have to sell but would like to due to downsizing, retiring, moving closer to family, asset allocating or there may be health issues. Their property probably has been listed for a lengthy period of time and has experienced price reductions.  There may have been few, if any offers that likely included contingencies which fell through.


Premier auction events create urgency, forcing affluent, end-user buyers to react by creating a date-certain event based on your terms.  Those terms include requiring a significant, non-refundable down payment from the high bidder.  Your client's property sells for true market value with a cash, contingency-free 30 day or less closing.



Managing Brokers:  I speak often at sales meetings and would be happy to present our solution to your team of agents. To discuss conducting a strategic alliance presentation for your office regarding adding another marketing tool for your agents to provide their sellers, please contact me.


Agents: To discuss an exclusive property event solution on a case-by-case basis, please contact me.


We now offer exclusive access to drone aerial marketing services for real estate agents.  Click here for a sample video.


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