Time Running Out to Conduct Year End Luxury Home Auction. Featured

Well, summer has come and gone but the selling season for luxury homes in most markets here in the US has a little life left.  Since I write here regarding non-distressed higher-end home auctions, let's focus on that market's season specifically.

A typical campaign to market a home including showings and other due diligence takes anywhere from 60-70 days.  Do the math and you will see that auctions are currently being booked for mid-November.  With Thanksgiving in late November and Christmas just around the corner from then, I recommend that the latest anyone conduct an auction is somewhere around a week prior to Thanksgiving.

That being said, if you would like to use a date-certain event to force affluent buyers to a point of action and want to close before year-end, I recommend that you contact me as soon as possible to discuss your options as they relate to the luxury real estate auction world and the luxury real estate auction companies competing for your business.




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