Your non-Distressed Luxury Home Auctions Questions Answered Featured

Is there a reserve?

What is the commission arrangement?

What percentage of asking price is typically achieved?

How is my current listing agent involved?

These are just a few of the more common questions I receive almost daily from sellers considering selling their luxury property via non-distressed auction.  These sellers are almost without exception experiencing similar situations which are that they do not have to sell, they have experienced a long listing, they may be downsizing or there may be health issues and they are closing a chapter of their life with the sale of their home being the only thing keeping them from doing so.

In addition to the questions I listed above, what questions do you have as a private seller or as an agent with a seller client who may be a good candidate for a high-end auction event?

I am happy to answer those questions.  Please reach out to me anytime.





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