How Common are Luxury Real Estate Auctions ? More Common than One Would Think. Featured

Even after doing this for many, many years, I am still surprised at the amount of people who are not aware of the luxury real estate auction concept.  Not surprisingly, many that hear the word auction still affiliate it with distress, fire sale or foreclosure.

When I run across someone that is not familiar with the non-distressed high end real estate auction concept, I often ask them to think about how an exotic, vintage car or a multi-million dollar piece of art is sold.  Do they list it at an inflated price, reduce the price over time and deal with contingencies from buyers?  No, they set a date, promote the sale and auction it to an affluent buyer in a cash, contingency-free manner.

So, how common are luxury home auctions here in the US?  Probably more common than one would think but still somewhat of a foreign concept to most.

Want to learn more?  I'm here to educate you.  Reach out anytime.


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