Real Estate Auction Options Principal Gary Gilbert discusses luxury real estate auctions for both sellers and purchasers.

How Time Flies. Has My Luxury Home Really Been Listed This Long?

By Gary Gilbert on
Gary Gilbert
I have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate au
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May 18 in Luxury Home Auction

How time flies.  Is it already Friday?  While I doubt most of you that work traditional jobs are asking "Is it already Friday", time really does fly for me and many others out there who work in more non-traditional careers like real estate.  Do you know who else experiences the feeling that time flies?  Sellers of luxury homes who sometimes lose track of time when it comes to the length of time their home has been on market.

Are you one of those sellers?  Have you had your luxury home listed for at least one year?  Have you had any legitimate offers?  Are you trying to sell this luxury home so that you can close a chapter of your life which may include downsizing, moving or retiring?  If this sounds like you, then perhaps you should consider something like a luxury home auction.

An auction creates urgency on behalf of affluent buyers by using a date-certain event to force them to focus on your home which is competing with numerous others on the market.  How does 60 day marketing campaign with a cash, contingency-free 30-45 day closing sound?  Talk about time flying...

Where should you begin your search to learn more about luxury real estate auctions?  You've come to the right place.  We will do the homework for you and determine the luxury real estate auction company best suited for your needs.

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