Real Estate Auction Options Principal Gary Gilbert discusses luxury real estate auctions for both sellers and purchasers.

Downsizing a Big Trend. Auction a Luxury Home?

By Gary Gilbert on
Gary Gilbert
I have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate au
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Aug 24 in Luxury Home Auction

I have been in the luxury real estate auction business for a long period of time and don't think I have ever seen so many sellers downsizing.  As I mention here often, most of the luxury home sellers I work with are not distressed and do not have to sell.  Their primary reasons for sale are retiring, moving, downsizing, health issues, or some combination of these.

However, I am seeing a real trend of downsizing.  Clients of late have been living in homes ranging from 8,000 sq. ft. to 18,000 sq. ft.  They are tired of the constant maintenance and excessive recurring expenses that come with owning large homes like this.  All have had their home listed for an extended period of time with few, if any, legitimate offers.  Some are moving while yet others are experiencing health issues.  Does this sound like you or your client?

If so, why not take a look at working with me on a non-distressed, high-end auction event?  Yes, there are buyers out there who are looking to upsize.  What better way to capture this audience than to conduct a high-profile marketing campaign coupled with a date-certain event?  The date-certain event forces affluent, busy, end-user buyers to react by giving them a deadline.

Is a luxury home auction for me or for my client?  Who is the best luxury home auction company for me or for us? I am happy to have a dialogue regarding such.  Reach out anytime.


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