Real Estate Auction Options Principal Gary Gilbert discusses luxury real estate auctions for both sellers and purchasers.

Downsizing Continues to be the Trend for Large Luxury Homes.

By Gary Gilbert on
Gary Gilbert
I have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate au
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May 21 in Auction a Luxury Home

Just as I wrote about last year, downsizing continues to be the dominant trend in our business of luxury home auctions.  My upcoming auction event is for an 18,000 +-  square foot home.  My sellers, just like many others, are simply done with the upkeep and the huge amount of energy and money required to continue maintaining their property.  They have had the home listed for an extended period of time with no results and are simply ready to move on with their life.  I have heard recently more than once "We just use two or three of the rooms in the entire home"

Does this sound like your seller client or someone you know?  Are you or is your client non-distressed?  Have you had a long listing with no results?  Are you or is your client downsizing or are there health issues?  If so, you may be a good candidate for our program.

Take the first step by contacting me. I'm happy to guide you through the process of selecting the best luxury real estate auction company.

Gary Gilbert


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