Real Estate Auction Options Principal Gary Gilbert discusses luxury real estate auctions for both sellers and purchasers.

Downsizing a Luxury Home via non-Distressed Auction Trending.

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Gary Gilbert
I have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of luxury real estate au
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I am currently involved in three luxury home auctions whose sellers' situations are exactly the same.  In addition to being non-distressed and not having to sell, they are all downsizing. As a matter of fact, the past several high end home auctions I have been a part of were downsizing.  Why is this?

Back in the day, the mcmansion was all the rage.  However, these are different times and downsizing is currently all the rage.  Every seller I work with tells me how stressful, both physically and financially, it is to maintain a large home.  It is a constant battle with landscaping, repairs, taxes, insurance, etc.

All of the sellers I work with have experienced the long listing with a traditional real estate agent.  They have all experienced a series of price reductions.  They are ready to move on with their life and cut the anchor of the big home that is weighing them down.  Our program allows them to accomplish just that by using a date-certain event to force affluent buyers to a point of action, something the traditional method of sale is not able to achieve.

How does a 60 day marketing campaign with a 30 day cash, contingency-free close sound?

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Gary Gilbert


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