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Your Expert Guide for non-Distressed Luxury Property Auctions




I work with both private sellers and real estate agents nationwide who are shopping around for a higher-end real estate auction company to work with. In addition, I assist those who have questions about non-distressed property auctions in general.

My typical client is usually trying to close a certain chapter of their life and has become frustrated with the traditional method of sale.  They do not have to sell but would like to due to something in their life that has changed.  Many are downsizing while some are moving closer to be near farmily or there may be health issues.  I show them how to take control of the sales process by educating them on how to sell in a concentrated period of time by using a date-certain event forcing affluent, end-user buyers to a point of action.


How long has your property been listed? 

Have there been price reductions resulting in no credible offers? 

Are you ready to move on to the next chapter of your life? 

Who is the best luxury real estate auction company for you or your client? 


Let's have a dialogue. 


 Whether you or your client is selling a premier home, ranch, condominium, or yacht, I will be your guide through the process of conducting a non-distressed, date-certain event attracting the attention of competitive, end-user, affluent buyers.


I work with auction sellers in all fifty states and internationally.


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My favorite US markets include Austin, Houston, Vail, Atlanta, Telluride, Seattle, San Diego, Aspen, Sun Valley, Dallas, Park City, San Francisco, Phoenix, Jackson Hole and Las Vegas.


My expert bidder representation services are also available to buyers of properties sold at auction.


I have been involved in multi-millions of dollars worth of auction transcations.  I look forward to working with you.





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